My family migrated to North America and Canada over a long period – including some that were already here when it was “discovered” so there’s a lot of scope for research

Here is a selection of the surnames from my family, I’ve grouped them in their larger family groups where applicable:

Clysdale – This family was originally from Monaghan County in Ireland and emigrated to Canada around 1840 settling in Peterborough County and later moving to Lambton County in Ontario

Finlay – This family was from Wicklow County in Ireland and emigrated to Canada around the 1830s settling in Peterborough County in Ontario. The family had been in Fife County in Scotland before settling in Ireland.

Other related surnames: Allingham, Gough, Kemp(t)

Odell – This family was originally from the town of Tingreth in Bedfordshire and emigrated to Canada around 1870 settling in Lambton County in Ontario

Turner – This family were in Ontario in the 1790’s in the Prince Edward County area then later relocated to the Lambton County area. Off this line come a lot of the early North American Emigrants with ties to New England, Quebec and Loyalist families.

Other related surnames: Minaker, Hill, Laville, Barker, Fretz, Gordanier

Sexsmith – This family name may originally have been Sixsmith and they came from Ireland. They settled in the Hastings County area. Frustratingly, there are two separate (as far as I can tell) Sexsmith families in this area. Ours are the Roman Catholic one.

Other related surnames: Brennan, Carpenter, McCauley, Cassidy, Jordan

Nicholson – This line has my most recent immigrants to Canada coming to the Honey Harbour area of Georgian Bay from Dumfries in Scotland just after the First World War.

Other related Surnames: McFarlane, Ferguson, Fallas, Carruthers, Hyslop, Dalziel

Corbiere and Tobey – This part of my family is of the Potawatomi which was an Ojibwa tribe. They settled in Canada on Beausoleil Island in Georgian Bay in the 1830s and although many families later relocated to Christian Island they were still there in 1929 when the island became part of the provincial park.


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