52 Ancestors #1 Susan Webb – The perils of being given work done by others

When I began my research I was lucky that there had been work done by various relatives on pretty much every side of the family. That’s great – isn’t it? Well maybe not, especially since none of them really recorded where the information had come from and if the information had errors, even small ones.

So my week one entry (technically it is week two but I’ll ignore that) for the 52 Ancestors Challenge is my third Great Grandmother Susan Webb. She married George Odell and the two of them emigrated to Canada with their children in about 1870 settling in Lambton County.

I’m not going to name names on who gave the information on them but I knew he was from Tingreth in Bedfordshire and she was from Stepney which is in London. So far so good and it pretty much made sense. I’m not sure how a woman from London married a man from Bedfordshire but they aren’t that far away so it could be possible.

As I’m now living in the UK I hoped I’d be able to visit Tingrith someday and found it on the road atlas – just off the M1. While I was looking at the map I noticed something interesting. There was a small village near it called Steppingley. It made me wonder if there may have been some misremembering or mistranslation along the line. When I checked the 1861 census I found them – and her birthplace was listed as Steppingley. Following this I was able to locate their marriage in Steppingley on 30 Sept 1853.

This made me realise I needed to use a much more critical eye on what I’m accepting. Unfortunately, I know I have fallen into the trap of grafting people to my tree and having to prune them out when I look at the logic later. I know I need to have a good clear out and am working to add sources to my information and evaluate with a clearer eye. I’ll still be interested in the research others have done but I think I’ll use it as a starting point for my own research if the sources aren’t clearly stated.

In an effort to pull together the sourced records I have for Susan Webb I’ve located the following:

Susan Webb

Father: William Webb

Mother: Ann Bunker

Married: George Odell (Son of James Henry Odell and Mary Mayles)

Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1853

Death: 27 Nov 1895, Enniskillen Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

Cause of Death: Heart Disease, 30 minutes

Susan Odell (37) arrived in Canada from Liverpool on 27 Apr 1870 at Quebec on the “Austrian” with her husband Geo (37, labourer) Odell and children George (15, labourer), Phoebe (13, spinster), Henry (11), Susan (7), Wm (6), Jane (5), Anne (3), and Sarah (infant). There are several other Odells on the same page of the register that I will need to look into in the future.

Census Records:

1841 (England): Susan Webb (8) – living in Steppingley with her parents William (35) and Anne (35) Webb and siblings Sarah (15), Ruth (13), Amelia (10), Phoebe (5), and John (2)

1851 (England): Susan Webb (17, plaiter) – living in Steppingley with her parents William (48, Farm Labourer) and Ann (47) Webb and siblings Ruth (23, Pauper), Amelia (20, plaiter), Phoebe (15, plaiter), John (12, Labourer), and their grandson Daniel Webb (11 months)

1861 (England): Susan Odell (27, Lab Wife) – living In Woodend, Westoning (very close to Tingreth) with her husband George (28, Ag Lab) Odell and children James (9, Ag Lab), George (6, Scholar), Phoebe (4), Henry (2), and Susan (7 months)

1871 (Canada): Susan Odell (39) – Living in  South Fredericksburg Township, Lennox and Addington County, Ontario with her husband George (39, Farmer) Odell and children James (19, Farmer), George (16, Farmer), Phebe (14, Servant), Henry (12), Susan (10), William (8), Jane (6), Anna (4) and Sarah (2). All are listed as being Wesleyan Methodists and born in England

1881 (Canada): Susan Odell (48) – Living in Enniskillen Township, Lambton County, Ontario with her husband George (49, Farmer) Odell and children George (27), Henry (23), Susan (21), William (19), Janie (16), Annie (14), Sarah (12), and Thomas (9). Thomas is listed as being born in Ontario but the rest are all born in England and are listed as Episcopal Methodists.

1891 (Canada): Susan Odell (59) – Living in Enniskillen Township, Lambton County, Ontario with her husband George (60, Farmer) Odell and children Harry (32, Farmer), Annie (24, Dressmaker), Sarah (22), Thomas (18) and their daughter Susan Preastby (30) and granddaughter Ruby Preastby (9 months). Thomas and Ruby are listed as being born in Ontario but the others were all born in England and all are listed as Methodists. Susan Preastby is listed as married. All the adults are listed as able to read but Susan Odell is not listed as being able to write.

I also have:

Born : About 1834, Steppingley, Bedfordshire, England – deduced from various census records/marriage etc.

Baptised: 01 Jul 1849, Steppingley, Bedfordshire, England – I’ve noted this and I know it would have been from a trip to the Bedford Record office but I’ve not put the source clearly so I’ll put it as a probable for now

There is a story that the ladies of the Tingreth Manor House (the Misses Trevor) gave the family a trunk to be opened when they reached Canada but that this was lost over the side of the ship when disembarking. Makes for a good tale at least.

There is information about the family (including some photos) on http://www.petroliaheritage.com/odell.html


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