Not another craft….

I had a great time today on the Inkle Weaving workshop I attended by Anne Dixon after a fantastic talk by her at the Guild yesterday. After warping up last night during the Eurovision voting we were all ready to go this morning. We learned the basic weaving, and Repp before moving onto pickups so that we can make designs and finally lettering. I only have photos of the basic weaving at the moment as we were just too busy experimenting. I think I’ll stay with the knitting but it was a fun workshop and I may need to make a necklace to hang my Guild badge on for meetings and the Summer School.



On the Knitting front I have made a new bag – the Mitered Diamond Bag by Kristi Schueler from Interweave Felt, 2008 (rav links) and have been working on my last Socktopus Sock clup package – Over the Garden Wall byLoumms. I’m really pleased with the bag and actually managed to take photos before and after felting. It was big enough that I was able to sit inside the bag before it was felted.

Mitred Diamond Bag

Mitred Diamond Bag


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