Spiral Dying Results

Spiral Dying

Spiral Dying

Here are my results from the dying… I’m not that keen on the results on this one either and I don’t think I have the proportions and technique right yet so I think I’ll leave the acid dying until Summer School where I will be spending a week doing “Fun with Acid Dyes” with Amanda Hannaford. I’m really looking forward to it and I think I’ll learn a lot.

From the Brochure:
The course will start with basic instruction on making and using dye stocks. Recipes and methods will be given for creating repeatable colours and varying depths of shade. We will concentrate mainly on dyeing wool and silk, but also will experiment with some of the newer fibres and different animal hairs.
The course will deal with colour mixing and how to make all colours of the rainbow from a limited starting palette, how to use a photograph or artwork as a colour design source and colour matching.
We will cover many different ways of applying the dyes to yarn and fibre:- space dyeing, injection dyeing, two tone dyeing, rainbow dyeing and dyeing small amounts in the microwave. We will also use the dyes to create patterning on yarn and fabric, including such techniques as Shibori, Ikat, Dip dyeing and creating delicate effects on silk fabric in the microwave

I’ve knit up some of my Logwood spiral dye attempt and made Reverie as I felt the spirals were appropriate. Taking the advise on Ravelry I made the larger size and increased the number of rounds before the decreases. I did 9 extra rounds and it is nice and slouchy now.




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