I Aten’t Dead….

Hmmm I seem to have disappeared for a few months there…. What have I been up to?

Well January was quite a while ago and other than a lovely spinning day up in London after the New Year and finishing Laminaria I honestly can’t remember what I got up to.

February was a blur of frantic knitting as I was working on (and to my credit actually finishing) my Socktopus Sock Club socks from 2008 and my first one of 2009. I made it just under the wire finishing my Hopscotch and Tear My Soles socks before the end of February as well as my Om Shanti Bed socks from the January parcel. I am still trying to decide where I’ll sew all my Sock club finishing badges but they are a great incentive to actually knit up the kits.

March brought a great Workshop at Socktopus – A Sock Design workshop with CookieA. I learned so much and am starting to look at patterns with a more knowledgeable eye as a result of it. I had already heavily modified my Tear My Soles when i made them but I will feel much more confident adapting patterns in future.

We started our own sock designs in the class and I have continued with mine adapting as I go on. I am beginning to think that a 44 row x 34stitch (originally 30 but I have modified it as it was too tight) cable from one of the Barbara Walker Treasuries may be a bit of a large pattern but it is looking really good so far so I will continue with it and see how it turns out.


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  1. Jo

    Missed you, but great to see everything you have been upto..happy spring!

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