SoSeSoSwa Goodies

I had a fantastic time at the retreat but I’m still organizing my photos so I will post on it another day – it was amazing and Lucy Neatby is an amazing teacher.

I came home to find a package by the door – my SoSeSoSwa parcel! it was full of loads of fantastic goodies. Swap

woolen rabbit


There was the pattern for CookieA’s Stricken Sock with Woolen Rabbit Sock Yarn in Arabian Nights – a beautiful deep purple that I am still stroking. Just the thing as I spent the weekend eying up Justine’s pair as she knitted them on the train up to the retreat.

Then another pattern for the Alhambra Scarf in Malabrigo Lace in Violetas – a very yummy purply-blue. Convenient as I have been thinking that I need a more sensible project for the train. I just need to see if I can resist casting on until I finish the Sock club sock I am on.

I’m already wearing the lip balm as my lips really need it and its lovely and minty, the bookmark is heading for my bedside reading and the nibblies are searching for a hiding place as my flatmate was eying them up. I don’t know yet who my spoiler was but thank you!

ETA – I’ve just found out that my spoiler was Jane Thank you so much!!!


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  1. why wait? you know you wanna, and this is the time of year to indulge šŸ˜‰ i say, dive in… cast on…

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