SoSeSaSwa Sock Survey

Better late than never, I’m having fun getting my partner’s secret Santa sock kit together for them and only have a few more bits before I pop it in the post.

What’s your favourite sock you have knitted? Not really sure, I’ve really enjoyed ny sock club socks this year but I’m not sure I have a favourite
Fav sock designer/pattern? I really love the Yarnissima designs although I’m still on my first one.
Toe up or cuff down? At the moment toe up because I don’t want to run out of yarn
Dpns? Magic loop? Two circs? A bit of all of them but most of mine so far have been on dpns
First sock? My first sock was Hedera and this was before I worked out that I usually need to go down a needle size so they are a bit big and slouchy.
Most difficult sock? I found Hedera a real struggle, even with the lact that I usually enjoy the foot portion really dragged on for me. I couldn’t really work out what the fuss was over socks. I seem to have recovered from that though.

I don’t think I’ll finish the most recent sock club kit before the next one. I’ve picked up my Hap Shawl and am on the last 5 rows before the edging so I’m trying to get as much progress done on this as I can before the row length does me in.


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