Hawaii – October 2008

Hawaii October 2008

Well, the hopes of putting together an interesting post about the trip in some sort of a timely fashion have not come to pass so enjoy the photos and here is some of the fun stuff we did on the Big Island in Hawaii:

– Getting to see the family again and playing with my nephew
– Going on the submarine in Kona to see the reef and all the fish – no Sea Turtles or sharks there though
– Going up to Kileauea to see the caldera from the volcano and watching the smoke from the current active bit
– Walking through Lava Tubes then continuing on with the flashlights until we had no idea how far we’d gone
– Going back as the sun sets to watch the glow from the open vent and discovering that my camera lens fits in the eyepiece of the spotting scope
– Watching the sunset on the beach
– Swimming in the Pacific – so much warmer than March off Vancouver Island or anytime of Wales or Devon. Nice to not need a wetsuit
– The Wedding – a beautiful ceremony and a welcome addition of a new sister-in-law
– Going to a Luau – open bar, great show, and fantastic food. Good choice for the reception
– Going to the Mauna Kea visitor’s centre – didn’t see any of the Invisible Cows they warned about and there was no way the car would have made it up the road any higher towards the obervatory
– Trying to see the lava flowing into the sea only to find out it stopped flowing the day before – the lava field was great to see though
– Finding the steam vents and finding out the guide book wasn’t wrong saying they were “clothing optional”

It was a great vacation and I’m glad we went


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