Lots of Parcels – and a plea for help

I’ve come home and the postman has been very good to me (well not really the postman but they did manage to put everything through the slot rather than leaving collection cards). I came home to THREE packages.

The first was expected – a T-shirt, pins and bag from Ravelry

The second was expected as well – the August Sock Club Kit from Robyn’s Nest that I had ordered. It’s lovely and I’m really looking forward to trying the yarn and patter, There were some great stitch markers in it as well. The pattern is called “Mathematical Equation” and is designed by Robyn. The yarn is from Tanis Fiber Arts and is a beautiful rich, deep, pink. I’m looking forward to trying it.

Robyn’s Nest

The last parcel was a mystery – but it was from my Secret Pal. They knew I was having trouble with my grafting so sent Kitchener Stitch Dogtags and an Ebony Shawl Pin from The Loopy Ewe. Thank You! The directions are really clear and I think I can see where I have been getting confused.


On a more serious note – the Sussex Canoe Club are planning a memorial fundraiser expedition in early September to paddle 113km down the River Dee from Bala in North Wales to the Sea to raise funds for the North Wales Air Ambulance and the Sussex Canoe Club to provide White Water Safety and Rescue courses for members. There is a group on Facebook or if you are interested in making a donation let me know and I’ll pass your details onto the group. Otherwise –  feel free to show your support for your local Rescue organisations – they do great work and need all the support they can get.


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One response to “Lots of Parcels – and a plea for help

  1. SP


    Glad it arrived!! Yeap I hada feeling the dogtags would help. I keep mine on the same loop as my yarncutter and never leave home without it!! Really happy you liked the shawl pin, I saw it adn thought, hmmm, she said she needed another one or two, soooo.. :-p

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