I’ve Been Spoiled

The Postman Came!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Secret Pal 12 Spoiler is great!

I had a lovely parcel waiting when I came home (it arrived Wednesday but I was at the other flat)

SP12 SP12

There were books – Favourie Socks, Natural Dying, and A Dyer’s Garden. Yarn – Knitpicks Essentials which I haven’t tried before, stitch markers with large and small rings in a little pouch, Needles – knitpicks Harmony circulars so i can make multiple socks at once, and a lovely Journal and pen so I can keep track of my dying – which I need because I keep losing the bits of paper I’ve been writing it all down. There were also loads of yummy minty things – Lifesavers, fancy M&Ms, gum and chocolate.

Thank you – I’ve really enjoyed this Swap and am looking forward to finding out who you are.



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2 responses to “I’ve Been Spoiled

  1. SECret PaL

    Whewww!! so glad it got there, was starting to get nervous, lol. So, so happy you like everything! tried not to go over board on the minty them, too, LOL.

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