Warming up for the games

It’s almost time to cast on for my Ravelympics projects. I’ve been really good and not done any early sneaky casting on but I’ll hope they’re showing the opening ceremonies at lunch in the canteen and I’ll cast on then. This is just a quick post on my coffee break and I’ll fix the links and add the starting state photos tonight:

Team A-M Knitters Guild: I’ll be casting on Flutter in the Laceweight Longjump and Scarf Relay events. I really want to knit a luggage purse but designing and knitting it were a bit ambitious for this time round.Flutter

Team Socktopus: I’ll be casting on a baby poncho in the Baby Dressage Event. This is the one I’ll cast on at lunch. I also have 3 pairs of socks (Mosaic, Rock and Weave and Fiori Di Zucca) that I’ll be grafting and finishing off for the WIP Wrestling and Sock Put events. (ETA Photos – and I missed out the baby bib I’ll be finishing off as well)

Poncho Petal Bib

Mosaic Roack and Weave Fiori Di Zucca



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2 responses to “Warming up for the games

  1. SEcrEtPaL

    Hi Sorry its been a while, I am so behind. Good luck in the Ravelympics!!! I am casting on for my projects in a bit(right after I eat breakfast!! doing 3 this year, 2 quicks(cowl and hat) and a socks. Talk to you again soon. SP

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