Dying again, and knitting, and sewing…

Quite a busy weekend – although I didn’t get very far on the cleaning I planned on doing.

Friday, I made a new purse from a kit I got for Christmas last year. It was the Tube Pocket Purse from Wonder Woman Quilts. This is a great pattern and turned out really well. The buttons are from my stash and worked really well.

purse purse

H was off in Wales for the weekend so It got its first airing at Preston Park yesterday at Pride. Luckily the drizzle in the morning ended around noon and it as even a bit sunny at times. Once again I was amazed that we got so many comments while I sat knitting with friends and I’ll need to check out the photos around as lots of people came up to take photos.

Spent today dying at a friend’s house. The base was Dk Jaegar Matchmaker Merino and we did Sloes, Brazilwood, and Henna. There was a lot of colour left in the Henna dye-bath so we added a bit of tinn and I did another skein. The second one is a bit more red. I have 6 balls of the matchmaker left and I want to do them all in natural dyes to make the Knitting Bee Shawl by Joan Schroulder in Shawls and Scarves: The Best of Knittters Magazine. This is a triangular shawl knit by 3 or 6 knitters in the round. I think it would be a lot of fun.


Secret Pal Question 8
What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening? If I had a garden then I would have a BBQ – maybe steak, or roasted Halloumi and red peppers, nice sausages, A whole trout stuffed with dill and lemons then wrapped in foil… (wipes off drool). Unfortunately I don’t so I don’t really know. I suppose the best supper on a being lazy and stopping at the pub for dinner so I don’t have to cook.


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