Knitting and Secret Pal updates

Since I’ve been away for a while I’d better work out what I’ve been doing….

Almost Done
Mosaic Socks – just need to graft both toes
In Progress
Rock and Weave Socks – Up to the toe on one and up to the heel on the other
Hap Shawl – Slowly moving through this one – still on the border
Petal Bib – Looks like it might have been thr right gauge… just need to do the ties
Monkey Socks – Started on holiday and I’m up to the heel on the first one
Estonian Potpourri Shawl – Started on holiday – loving the pattern but I think I may need to switch to larger needles. Maybe 2mm instead of 1.5mm otherwise I may go insane.

I’m going to try and be good and not start my new Sock club Kit right away even though I REALLY want to.

I’ve been busy with my Secret Pal shopping and a little something is on its way.

Questions of the week:
(Week 2) As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?
I loved going down to the lake (Lake Bonavista in Calgary) where we’d spend the whole day on the beach swimming, making waterfalls, and working on my epic sunburns. I’m sure it must have rained sometimes and we can’t have been there every day, but it seems like it.

(Week 3) What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?
A hard one… I periodically look at it and think I might have enough but then force such unnatural thoughts away. I suppose if I had to limit it it would have to be as many as I really liked. I sometimes have a clear out of the ones that I just don’t love any more.


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