Happy WKIP Day (and Happy 20th Anniversary Big Bash)

I hope everyone had a great time yesterday at WKIP Day. We made it down to the (mostly) sunny Brighton Beach and sheltered from the wind (I really wish I had taken a jacket. Thanks Sarah for lending me your sweater). I;ve now reached the heel on the Mosaic socks so hopefully I can finish them off this week.

The it was off to The Big Bash a friend’s annual birthday extravaganza. Fun was had by all, silly games were played, BBQing happened, and none of the Freshers managed to set themselves on fire doing flame throwing. I hope none of them actually managed to swallow the kerosene. I wore my Danish Scout Uniform and DH wore his Ventures Uniform (complete with the shorts that still fit and the sock garters from when he was a cub). I’m thinking Kilt hose now having seen them but I don’t know if he would wear them…

Happy Father’s Day everyone.


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  1. Secret Pal

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, the beach and a grand party!!! Glad you had a great KIP day and made progress on your socks!!

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