Check the Ballband first…

Apparently I am not a smart knitter today…. and not very good about my resolution to avoid yarn. Ok, at least it was charity shop yarnRowan Designer Collection DK Handknit Cotton in Shade China (267) a lovely blue. I saw it in the charity shop and thought, it would make a nice Petal Bib (Ravelry Link) for my nephew. My second Mosaic sock is at the point where I need to measure it against the first sock which is in the other flat tonight so it was a good time to cast on (rather than cleaning off the bed so we have somewhere to sleep). Lovely little pattern and I have just finished the short row shaping. Its a bit big though… I checked the ball band and this is a DK. I checked the pattern and it asks for Sportweight. Ooops. Its cute though so I might see about re-jigging the pattern and making the petals narrower the next time.

I’m having second thoughts about taking the Estonian Potpourri shawl as my holiday knitting. Intricate lace probably isn’t a great holiday knitting item. I might take the Bayerische Socks and a pattern for mini socks. I have a need for many miniature pink socks for a pattern I am evolving so this might be a better camping project. This way I’ll have something small and something a bit more complex to work on.

Unfortunately I am out of most of the ingredients below or I would definately be making one of these… Our SP12 hostesses have asked for our favorite summertime drink so I’ll share my current favourite (although tomorrow night is a friend’s leaving do for work and there will probably be Long Island Iced Teas and Margueritas involved).

Pimms and Lemonade with Berries
Quantities are somewhat approximate so adjust to your own taste.
Mix together in a glass and enjoy

1 part Pimms
3 – 4 parts fizzy lemonade (or Sprite)
loads of Frozen Raspberries (any other seasonal fruit -fresh or frozen an be added or substituted)
Slice of oranges/lemons/lime – whatever is available

The frozen Raspberries keep it cool (because I don’t have ice-cubes since there really isn’t the space in the freezer) and are lovely to eat with a spoon when you are finished.



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3 responses to “Check the Ballband first…

  1. Now that sounds yummy!!

  2. SEcrEtPaL

    Sounds yummy to drink, anything with frozen fruit and lemonade would be refreshing over the hot days. Have to see where I can find some Pimms…..hmmmm

  3. I love Pimms. Definitely high up my summertime favourites.

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