Thank You… I think…

Not quite sure what happened… but I was ID’d yesterday at the supermarket. I’m not sure what the point of it was, she rang through the wine then snatched it back to ask if I was over 18… well yes, I turned 18 FIFTEEN years ago. Without any actual ID shown she proceeded to sell it to me. I guess it might be the surf shorts and tank top I was wearing because the last time I was ID’d I was dressed in a similar manner in Ontario for a family reunion. They refused to serve me because if you are asked for ID they won’t sell the alcohol (or apparently lottery tickets) if you don’t produce it. I didn’t have any on me and DH didn’t so we had to get my Grandma to come in from the car… strangely enough they told her they didn’t actually need to see her ID when she tried to pull it out.

I suppose I should be flattered. It just reminds me of our cable box. After 7 years we have finally managed to get them to sort out our PIN so we can watch “adult” programs like The IT Crowd before 9pm. Ok we’re been trying half heartedly for the last 2-3 years maybe and it wasn’t that big of an issue.

Not a very exciting weekend this week. We washed the car yesterday and then after driving it around to dry the brakes (it keeps them from rusting) and getting the groceries, we washed the car again… Damn those seagulls… DH is off to the Biggin Hill
today so I think I’ll try to get some cleaning done. We’re busy next weekend and then off to the Alps so its a good chance to try and organize some of the stuff. I’ll crack on a bit then probably sit in the sunshine with my knitting for a while. [ETA – Not going quickly on the cleaning front, but I sat in the gardens around the flat anyway with a book for a while anyway. There’s a fox that is around and it came right up to my blanket sniffing it and trying to sniff my toes. I had to chase after it though when it ran off with my sandal. Certainly made the sunbathing more interesting.]


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