I Dyed… but I got better

I had a great day today dying at Eileen’s place. I settled on Logwood for the laceweight I need to do the Estonian Potpourri Shawl and it has come out a beautiful purple. We had fun experimenting and used Avacado (kind of gold, need to try again to see if we can get reds and pinks), Weld (golden green), Oak Galls (honey brown), and Sloe berries.

The sloe should have given pinks but I overdyed some yarn that had been acid dyed before and it came out in interesting shades of blue. We’re not sure if this is from the blue on the previous dye or because the water was alkaline, or because the berries were boiled up beforehand rather than doing them and the wool together. The exhaust was really interesting. My mystery (probably wool/angora/glitter) came up a purple grey but Eileen’s Llama came up greeny purple in the same bath. The fleece she had in the exhaust came up greeny gold with purple flecks. Amazing. It looked almost as if it were a indigo type oxidation or else a photoreactive reaction. If anyone has used Sloes before (for dying, not for making Sloe Gin) let me know if you have any tips and hints.

I’m not sure where the cable is for the camera, but as soon as I find it I’ll post pictures of todays dying. I’ve got the Express Lane socks finished except for sewing in the ends so I’ll probably wear them to the Big Knit tomorrow along with my Ravelry T-shirt which arrived today.


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  1. you can try alkaline-ionized water with no wastes and no electicity, just like natural processes

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