Workshops, and wool, and progress.. oh my

Had a great day today at the Debbie Abrahams workshop at Kangaroo. I refreshed all my knitting math and I’m much more confident with the idea of designing/adapting for myself now. I did treat myself to her new book Design Your Own Knits in 5 easy steps as it looks to be a great reference book.

I’m sure you’ll all believe me if I said I didn’t get any wool, but somehow I was adopted by some Kureyon, which is already being knitted up into a felted bag. If the pattern works out I’ll put it up. I have already used my workshop math to work out that I needed more of the Kureyon so I’m applying my skills… really I am. I’ll probably make up a small fabric sample of the bag as I know the dimensions to make a square one but I’m not quite sure of the math to make it rectangular. I’ll post more when I know what it will look like.

And I’m sure that I in no way at all was drawn into the sale at Socktopus. Positive. Right…

I’m still working on the new Sock Club sock – Mosaic – and am up to the toe on the first and cast on the ribbing for the second. I’m still trying to decide if I’ll do the short row toe or not as I don’t know if I want to do so much grafting. I’ll decide when the second sock catches up. I have 2 more repeats on my second Express Lane sock so I hope I’ll finish it this weekend. I’ve also found the rest of the wool for the Hap shawl so I’ve stored it all together now safely.

It should be a busy weekend for fibre as well. I’m dying on Saturday – I need to dye laceweight for the Estonian Potpourri shawl since I want to take it on holiday. Saturday is also the Big Knit in Brighton. I didn’t think it was on this year so it’s a good surprise.

I’ve signed up for the Secret Pal 12 Swap so I’m looking forward to the swap.



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2 responses to “Workshops, and wool, and progress.. oh my

  1. Oh I’ve just ordered that book on Amazon and its due to arrive on Monday. Glad I’ve made a good choice.
    Um interesting idea “I was adopted by some Kuryeon” I think I might try using that line and substituting in Camelspin.

  2. whereswoolly

    I’m only fostering the yarn that I definately didn’t order from Socktopus…

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