Where did I put the rest of my shawl???????

I think I need to do some spring cleaning over the long weekend. I’ve picked up my Hap Shawl again and have got to a colour change in the border…it’s been resting for a few months though and I’m not sure where I put the rest of the wool for it. I guess that means I have a plan for the long weekend. If worst somes to worst I have a spare skein for two of the colours.

Speaking of cleaning, I began inventorying the stash last weekend and I think I may need to go on a yarn diet (well maybe AFTER the Debbie Abrahams workshop at Kangaroo next Thursday). I’ve only gone through some of the sock yarn and the laceweight and maybe I should knit some of it up. I wonder if I could make the Tulip Baby Cardigan out of some of my sock yarn for my nephew?

If you haven’t had a chance yet make sure you check out the new issue of The Inside Loop. I’m one sock into the Express Lane socks from the last issue and will have to be good and wait until I finish them and my Mosaic socks.


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