Sleepovers, Mr Darcy (at last), and Barbara Walker…

I’ve recovered and caught up on my sleep from last weeks slumber party up in London. Alice had a sock knitters meetup on Friday night with a Slumber Party on Saturday evening. I even had a go with dying some of my Wonderwool stash at Diane’s on Saturday morning followed by a picnic in the park. Altogether a great weekend and I got to meet lots of new knitters, visit I Knit, and finally see Pride and Prejudice (the classic BBC version). The only drawback was that I was sleeping in the yarn room and found it really hard to resist coming home with the lot.

At the Guild meeting yesterday there was a fantastic talk by Bargara J Walker the weaver (not Barbara G Walker the knitter) who gave a great talk on Design Tricks. I’m wondering just how geeky I’d be if I went back to my Booga Bag to see if the Kureyon stripes in a Fibonacci sequence or not. There was also a useful discussion on colour ratios with a sample containing purples and yellows to demonstrate that although a little yellow goes a long way,when combined together in appropriate ratios they can be very effective as I’ve already seen in the Karenina Socks.

We’re still trying to decide what to do for the Bank Holiday next weekend. We were off to Croyde with friends for the first bank holiday where I got a Sunburn Saturday, went to the Pasty shop in Woolacombe, enjoyed the bodyboarding, and had a great weekend. We have friends going back for the next weekend but we’re not sure if we’ll go or not and since I’ve been busy so many weekends over the last month I wouldn’t mind a weekend at home.


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