Back from Wonderwales with many Wooly Things

Well I’m back from Wonderwool (and since I’ve been a lazy Blogger also back from the Bank Holiday in Devon) having brought back many lovely things.

It was a great trip down with some of my knitting buddies and a great time visiting a friend who moved to Wales last year. At the show I ran into Alice, Diane, and Alishairish who had all made the trip down from London. I missed Yvonne on the Knitting and Crochet Guild stall but got to meet WyeSue (Woolly had fun playing with her knickers). From various Ravelry groups I also ran into Fabclaire, Sallyinwales (Thanks for the Ravelry tag) and Mochyn who all hung out with Woolly as did Anthony Worrall Thompson who was part of the Food Show. I also worked out what the Bowmont Sheep look like since they were recommended to me by my UK Swap downstream partner.
Alishairish Alishairish Wyesue Wye Sue
Sallyinwales Sallyinwales Mochyn Mochyn
Fabclaire Fabclaire Anthony Worrall Thompson Anthony Worrall Thompson
Bowmont Bowmont Alpacas Alpacas
Knickers Woolly in Wyesue’s Knickers

Unfortunately I missed the Sasha Kagen workshop I was booked on since we ended up going down on the Saturday morning but maybe another time.

Yes, strangely enough, I did go shopping so just a quick rundown of what I remember coming home with:
For Dying – some laceweight and sock yarn from
For various knitting projects – Cascase 220 (not sure which stand) and Malabrigo Laceweight (from Maylin) as well as 5 Shades of Sheep (from Sallyinwales)
Just because – A new bag, sheep buttons, as well as Root Beer and Sasparilla

The third Socktopus Sock Club kit came through the door this week as well so I will be kept very busy in the next while.


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One response to “Back from Wonderwales with many Wooly Things

  1. wye sue

    It must have been the thought of Woolly in my knickers that made me look so strange 😉

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