Finished Neighbourhood Tunnels

Just a quick post – I’m off to the East Sussex Weaving, Spinning and Dying Guild tomorrow for the monthly meeting so I can start planning what I can dye up with all my goodies, but just a quick post to say that I have finished my Socktopus Sock club Neighbourhood Tunnels socks!!!

Neighbourhood Tunnels

Here’s a picture of the leftover yarn from the Neighbourhood Tunnel socks, the Karenina Socks, and the Swallowtail…


I’m desperately trying not to cast on anything new (I wonder how long that will last?) and will try to get a few more rows of the Hap Shawl in. I’ve not touched it for ages and it will be a good one to take in the car to Wonderwool Wales I think, unless I come to my senses and work out what size needle I should be using for my Rock and Weave socks since they’re a bit more portable.


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  1. Those are absolutely beautiful Jen! I love the bright vibrant colors. All we are seeing around here these days is snow, so it’s nice to have somethin purdy to look at. =D

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