UK Swap – I’ve been thouroughly Spoiled – but not by who I thought it was…

I’ve received my UK Swap parcel today due to some postal delivery issues. WOW, I have everything I need to learn how to dye (I can feel a dying day coming up) Mordants, Dyestuffs (Indigo, Logwood, Brazilwood, Madder and Oak Moss Lichen. The Bowmont Braf yarn looks and feels great and there were also books (including the new Yarn Harlot one) for my new enterprise… hmmm maybe my mad project’s time is coming closer. I have 10 balls of Jaeger Merino that I have been thinking of dying for a fun blanket/shawl.

This is on top of the lace turbos, stitch markers, and yarn I already received. No time to play detective tonight as I am off to the pub but THANK YOU!!!!!

ETA – I really need to check ALL my email addresses… the lovely dying parcel was actually a thank you from my Downstream pal… Thank You so much – you have really spoiled me. Now that it’s warm I can see if I can have a dying day



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2 responses to “UK Swap – I’ve been thouroughly Spoiled – but not by who I thought it was…

  1. Hreow

    That’s a very demure-looking Woolly… He’s up to something. Knitting his own rainbow-hued flock, perhaps? ^_^

    I like the way you’ve arranged the Bowmont to look like a face, with the stitchmarkers for eyes and red hair. 🙂

  2. Ooh lovely! Bet you’ll have fun with all that. Shall have to stop back and see how you get on.

    Just to let you know I will do a mini tut on making those paper balls. My sister loved hers and hated ripping it apart to reveal her present.

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