Mustachios and Swap Goodies

Where to start???? I was lazy over Easter and didn’t post at all so now I don’t know where to start…


I’ve been playing with Mustachios again for Erqsome’s Mustachio Avenger’s Contest and have rounded up some friends for Woolly. There aren’t really that many mustaches for Lego men but I’ve found a few to join Woolly and me in our merriment. Check out the Flicker Group for more entries.

The Mailman has been again bearing UK Swap goodies. I still don’t know who my upstream is but they have very good taste. Besides my Addi Lace Turbos that came for my birthday with my sheepy card I have received some great goodies – Sheepy stitch markers (Woolly thinks he can wear them as mustachio decorations), Cashsilk and Sock yarn from Wild Fire Fibres.
Woolly Stitch Markers Cashsilk Sock Yarn
Mustachio Ornaments



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2 responses to “Mustachios and Swap Goodies

  1. Lovely taches! and like the sheepy stitch markers, you found out who it is yet?

  2. I love the Hair! Being a red head suits you! 😉

    How are things going these days?

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