More post goodies…

The mailman certainly has been busy and I still haven’t dug out the camera though. The last few bits for My UK Swap Partner arrived yesterday and were forwarded on today. Hope they are pleased with them. I’ve really enjoyed doing this swap.

I had another shiny Socktopus package as well, this time with my Sock Blockers. Karenina is living on them and they are a thing of beauty.

On the Spring Shawl I am doing well and am just over the halfway point on the seventh clue. The final clue came out today so I don’t think I am doing too badly.

ETA Spring Shawl


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One response to “More post goodies…

  1. Hmmm,
    I wonder if I know your Swap partner… hmmm. I’ll watch this space 🙂 Saw Wollio in Ravelry minutes ago and I am still giggeling at th mustache!

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