More Goodies in the post…

Don’t have the camera here to post pictures now but but 2 more goodies have arrived and another is in the post…

My new Socktopus sock kit (the Neightbourhood Tunnel Socks) arrived and I’m halfway up the foot with the first sock. I’m not quite sure on the colour yet, the rusts and reds are great but I’m not sure yet about the turquoise in it yet. I’m liking the pattern and Woolly is strutting because he has already had a wild night on town with the designer who also seems to have a mustachio fixation going on.
ETA – Neighbourhood Tunnels Neighbourhood Tunnels Neighbourhood Tunnels

I’ve also just received my new sock bag from Sue at Knittiotherapy. Check out the bags, they are a perfect size for knitting and it already has my socks in progress in it. She’s doing the Moonwalk this year so go along and sponser her as it is a great cause.
ETA – Spring Shawl

The last item in the post is the last item for my UK Swap Partner so that I can send off the last of the parcel.

In other knitting progress news, I have finished clue 5 and am a third of the way up clue six in the Spring Shawl Surprise.


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  1. Sue

    Thank You!

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