On Sheep and Lambs and Finished Objects (plural Finished Objects even)

Spent Mothers Day at the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre petting all the new lambs and surrounded by sheep. Great Day out.

As hinted above I have MULTIPLE updates on the knitting and even have Finished Objects….

Koolhaas is done, love the hat, but I may go back 1/2 a repeat as it is a bit long. I’ll wait and see how I feel next winter. It is in Coldharbour Mill Aran.

Swallowtail is finished and blocked. Very nice knit this one and nice to wear. It is in Handmaiden Camelspin in Midnight
Swallowtail Swallowtail Details

And last but not least Woolly now has his own Clip-on Mustachio.

To make it I worked a 5 stitch I-Cord around a wire core, loghtly felted it in the sink by habd, then trimmed the ends of the wire and curled them around a pen. I inserted 2 hairpins to hold it on Woolly and think he looks very dashing with it on.

Mustachio Mustachio 1



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6 responses to “On Sheep and Lambs and Finished Objects (plural Finished Objects even)

  1. upknitcreek

    The hat and shawl are just gorgeous!
    Woolly looks very dangerous with that moustache – lock up your daughters!

  2. whereswoolly

    He may need a whole series of these… the Mexocan Bandito, the Slug Balancer, the Tea Strainer…

  3. SecretSwapPal2008

    The Koolhaus is lovely.

    The clip on for Wooly is great. Gives him a very European feel.

  4. Great Koolhaus, lovely colour! yes I go over to the Kent Guild in Ashford, most of the East Sussex Guilds meetings clash with my C & G Knitting Course, although I might make it to the April meeting!

  5. oooh i love the shawl! I’m making another in Aegean…. and thanks for the fibre!!! Now to decide what to make with it….

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