Topic of the Week #6: Swapping

Q: Have you done a swap before (doesn’t have to be a knitting swap)? What do you like best about swapping? Are there any personal “requirements” that a swap has to have before you will join?

The UK Swap will be my first knitting swap and seems to be going well so far. My upstream and Downstream contacts seem really nice and I am itching to start using my new Addi Lace Turbos that came as my birthday present but will restrain myself for the moment. I don’t know that there are necessarily any requirements because this is the first one I have taken part in.

Through the Guides I have been swapping badges for ages and have to transfer loads to my new camp blanket. It would probably go better is I didn’t keep cutting them off the old one but instead cut them off as I came to sew them on the new one.  After the last County camp in 2006 I decided I needed a new blanket and have a huge fleece poncho now with pockets and a hood. I’ve only started sewing badges on the back though.


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  1. Congratulations!! You’ve won the Blog Treasure Hunt!!! Check out the Swap Blog to see your prize… I’ll get it into the mail this week!

    Now you’ll have some Namaste Needles to put next to those Addi Turbos!!

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