A whole weekend knitting

Spent a great weekend volunteering on the Knit’n’Natter’ stand at the Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts event in Brighton. It’s the first time I have officially volunteered, usually I just show up and forget to leave. This year in addition to teaching beginners we also had the ShaunThe Sheep’s PicKnit Challenge with people making items for the PicKnit. Can’t wait to see it all together. I mostly resisted getting any wool but was not so successful with the beads, I can see many stitch markers in the future.

Woolly got mixed up and tried to be part of the PicKnit
PicKnit Woolly Woolly

I’ve started 2 new projects this weekend. The first was the Rock and Weave sock because I needed a slightly more portable project than the shawl. The second is Koolhaas from Interweave Knits, Holiday 2007 with some gorgeous Coldharbour Mill Aran from Yvonne, this is knitting up beautifully and I now have a new place to try to get to the next time I am in Devon.



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3 responses to “A whole weekend knitting

  1. Thanks for all your help and the good company!

    I made sure I counted the strawberries when I packed them away.

  2. SecretSwapPal2008

    Seems like you and Wooly had a great time this weekend. The PicKnits are brilliant. Did you make any of the items?

  3. whereswoolly

    I’m not entirely sure Woolly knew they were strawberries because they look just like his favourite chocolates. I will have to see what I can knit up for the garden. Maybe some more ants or are there already lots of them?

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