I’m back….

I’m back from a great trip back to Calgary to see my family and it was great to see everyone and catch up on my sleep. I’m still downloading photos from the camera but will update them when they make sense. The backpack luckily did shut in the end probably thanks to my Knitpicks order arriving the day AFTER I left – 5 to 14 calendar days for delivery indeed… 5-14 postal days perhaps but oh well I’ll just have to wait for the parcel to arrive. I’m not sure where I would have packed the yarn anyway.

Unfortunately it means that I probably won’t be able to start the Shawl KAL for  Dem Fischer Sin Fru quite yet as that’s what teh yarn is for. Instead I am thinking of some of the other Shawl KALs at the moment as I have a cone of laceweight cashmere I picked up at the ESWD Guild Exhibition. So far I am leaning towards SOTSii or the Spring Shawl Surprise. Since the Spring Shawl Surprise has already started and the ones I’ve seen on Ravelry look great I think this might be the one.

I’m also working on my Socktopus Sock Club sock – what a great pattern and I will post more about these when I have a picture available.

The only good thing about being back to normal again after the holidays is that the Brighton S’n’Bers are back again so I had better go so I can get a comfy seat at Starbucks tonight


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