Ooops… I lasted 4 days

I almost made it, but Saturday I just had to cast on something new. Let me explain… 4-6 hours in a coach for a trip with the Brownies and Guides. My project choices were limited:

  • Widdershins Socks – too close to being finished, I would have had to take 2 projects
  • Hemp bag – I was still trying to decide what I wanted to do with the handle and remember what size needles the base had been knitted in
  • Hap Shawl – Although a bit bulky I almost went with this except ….

…the trip was to a CHOCOLATE FACTORY. I decided Lace and chocolate probably wouldn’t mix well. (The trip was great and I’d highly recommend Cadbury World to anyone who loves chocolate. Even with a group of Guides and Brownies and nobody was sick on the way home from stuffing themselves with chocolate) Instead I cast on Odessa in Rowan Tapestry. I’ve had to leave off the beads as the yarn was wearing too much while I was stringing them. This will be a present for Christmas I think so it is not too bad a thing I think. I’ve been busy so I’ll post a quick progress update and add photos when the camera and I are both in the same place and near a computer that has the right media slots.

  •  Widdershins – Ready to Cast Off!!!
  • Hemp Bag – Ready to start the strap – I think I know what I want to do for it now
  • Hap Shawl – I think this will be coming to Canada for Christmas knitting but I need to wind another skein before I go any further
  • Sahara – need to cast on for the sleeves
  • Jezebel Just need to sew in the ends – these really sufferred from second glove syndrome

ETA – Here are some photos from the trip

Woolly at Cadburys World

 Woolly - Chocolate



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3 responses to “Ooops… I lasted 4 days

  1. newbie

    hello and aggghhh.

    i noticed you went to a workshop and made the argyle scarf, which i am madly trying to figure out. i can’t firgure out how to make this scarf. after i cast on the 58 mc and then purl the cc i end of with 59 sts not 58. i have never knitted before and have been surfing the net and going to the library to get some more insight but not too much luck in a more full demo. could you provide post some insight please.

    thx newbie

  2. newbie

    can you post more about how to make the argyle scarf, i am struggling and getting frustrated.

  3. whereswoolly

    I think the thing to keep remembering is to make sure you bring both strands to the front and back every time you make a stitch. When you check the colours across the row do they alternate A B A B A B… or are there any spots where you have the same colour happening twice?
    The instructions we had were pretty much the same in the book but it was good to be talked through them

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