A Pre Christmas Resolution (how long will it last?)


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It’s too early for New Year’s Resolutions and it would be really bad if I made a New Year’s resolution and managed to break it before Christmas. So I will make a pre Christmas holiday Resolution. I’m off to Calgary in about 3 weeks and I am going to try not to cast on anything new in the meantime. I’ll even make an effort to finish some of my current WIPs. I can’t guarantee that I won’t cast anything on once I get there though.

In honour of this tonight I have finished off the Baby Surprise Jacket I accidentally cast on a few weeks ago. What a great little project – a super quick knit and a fun shape. I thought it might have to wait for buttons but I found some nice ones in my stash so it can be popped under the tree for Christmas.

I’m not going to try to work out just how many UFOs I have because it would make me feel guilty so I’ll be working on my Widdershins – which now have about 2 inches of leg each and are going well, the Hap shawl, and a hemp shopping bag I accidentally cast on a couple weeks ago. I’m using different parts of several patterns so I’ll post more another day when I decide what I’ll be doing for a handle.

I’m off to Cadbury’s World on Saturday with the Guides (Should be interesting) and some of our Brownies so since there is a long coach ride to Birmingham I’ll hopefully be able to get some knitting done. I might even be optimistic and take the Hap shawl, The Spring Shawl went to Switzerland with me and this is a much simpler pattern so it should be fine.


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