Parcels, Parcels, Parcels…

Prize from the Knitting and Crochet Guild

Prize from the Knitting and Crochet Guild,
originally uploaded by whereswoolly.

It’s been a great day for parcels. I had to go to the posy office to pick up 2 missed deliveries and came home to fins a third (that had fit through the letterbox).

Happy Surprise 1 – I won a prize at the UK Stitch and Bitch Day when I joined the knitting and Crochet Guild. I won 2 skeins of Laceweight Silk from KnitWitches Yarns and the 2008 Page-a-Day Stitch and Bitch Calendar.

Socks that Rock

Socks that Rock,
originally uploaded by whereswoolly.

Relieved Surprise 1 – 2 Skeins Socks that Rock yarn, patterns, and the Interweave Felts magazine. These were meant to have come with my sister in July but arrived in Mom’s mailbox while she was dropping her off at the Airport. She mailed it by surface mail at the end of September and as there was a Royal Mail strike in the meantime I thought it might have gone missing. I am really fighting to not cast this on. Please poke me with a dpn if I don’t finish at least one project in the meantime.

Relieved Surprise 3 – My Brother’s Christmas present as I have him in our exchange this year.


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