What a fantastic day

Had a great time at the UK Stitch and Bitch day today. Thanks to all the organisers for a fantastic day.

I headed up early necause I figured there might be a queue to get in, but 30 minutes before they opened there was no queue so I ended up second and got a place on the Debbie Stoller Workshop making the Uncle Argyle Scarf. Sine it was a demo for the double knitting technique there isn’t enough of the wool (Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop DK in Pink and Navy) to make the scarf bit I could make it into a bag or I might make the Celtic Beanie which is also a double knit project in the book instead. She was great in the workshop although she did threaten to stab us with the needles if we tried to work ahead on the pattern.

Woolly in the Workshop  Debbie and Me  Debbie and Woolly

I got a copy of the new book Son of a Stitch ‘n Bitch for myself and my friend Lissa and got them autographed too, now I just need to find somebody who wants to give the book to me for Christmas.

I ran into some Brighton knitters from the group that meets at Borders on Wednesdays including Hayley whose dad Peter Wyton recited his poem about when she was kicked out of a local pub for knitting (a true story that was in the local paper).
Hayley Peter 

After the photos from Ally Pally didn’t work out I luckily ran into Yvonne Yvonne and Woolly who lured me into joining the Knitting and Crochet Guild. Maybe this year I will even officially work the Knit and Relax Stand at the Brighton Stitches show rather than just showing up, not leaving and being put to work.

I also tracked down Alice from Socktopus and this time the photo turned out (Hooray). Alice and Woolly

It was a great day and well worth getting up for the 7:11 am train.



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5 responses to “What a fantastic day

  1. Have a said lately what a fantastic friend you are? Ya don’t see a girl for 10 years, and she gets you a SIGNED copy of an incredible book! You are a rock star! I’ll have to think of an incredible way to spoil you when you come to town for chirstmas. (ps, if you still need someone to give you your copy for christmas… 😉 )

  2. whereswoolly

    No problem, did you get the photos? We could always have a yarn shop crawl while I’m there and save my having to get Mom to drive me around to them since I won’t have a car. I’ll be bringing Woolly with me so you can meet him too

  3. whereswoolly

    And Tim Hortons…I am definately bribeable with donuts

  4. smugsheep

    Hi, it was great to meet Woolly in the glove, so to speak!

  5. whereswoolly

    Smugsheep – Woolly says hi and loves the picture you posted of him. Thanks

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