Ally Pally – Part 1 (at last) – aka I hate disposable cameras

I’ve finally had my pictures back from the disposable and I am really disappointed with them. Only a few really turned out well and I think it was probably because they were the ones the flash was used on. I really need to get a new camera soon so it’s a good thing Christmas is coming.

No worries, I’ll just grab the show guide and figure out where all I went. I started out well managing to find the House Of Hemp since they had moved from last year’s spot and I was planning on getting some hemp for making shopping bags. They were still in the West Hall though along with Rowan stand where I saw Jane Crowfoot who I’ve taken a few workshops from through Kangaroo. Thanks to here I can now pick up stitches and sew up items properly. Jane

Speaking of Kangaroo it was the first time I have seen them up at Ally Pally and it was great to see Harriet even though the photo didn’t turn out. Also relatively local was the Laughing Hens stall although they reminded me a bit of my old summer job at Heritage Park when I worked in the Craft Shop because there was a lot of wood and a distinct “country” theme. Also in the Great Hall was the Colinette stand which was mobbed as usual. They didn’t look at me too strangely when Woolly and I hugged their yarn although the photo did not turn out. Woolly’s photo with Alice from Socktopus also didn’t work so I’ll have to track her down at the UK Stitch and Bitch event this weekend. We also swung by Jamieson’s of Shetland only fitting as I used their Spindrift to make Woolly. I was really tempted by some of the Wensleydale at the Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop and wish I hadn’t resisted it. Maybe next year. I did resist the Habu stand and the Quivit though so I have at least some willpower.

After shopping myself out I ended up at the Relax and Knit area until they closed. All in all a successful day but as you can see from the two photos below (the first from the disposable camera, the second from the lovely Jane I really need to make sure I take a better camera next year. Only 11 more months to go. But only 3 more days until the First Official UK Stitch ‘n Bitch Day!!!!

Woolly - Disposable camera Woolly - digital

Regarding the tonsils, they’re feeling much better so I am just trying to get my energy back before going to work on Monday.



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2 responses to “Ally Pally – Part 1 (at last) – aka I hate disposable cameras

  1. Woolly – are you from Cowtown?? I’m from Calgary myself – Oakridge – so Heritage Park is more than familiar!

    Hope the piccies turn out this time! 🙂

    Alice x

  2. whereswoolly

    That’s mad – I used to live in Canyon Meadows and went to Scarlett then U of C. The rest of the family are all still there. I haven’t seen the Zoo since the new Africa Pavilion was added and I am really interested in seeing all the changes to Heritage Park. I was shocked to see all the damage in Fish Creek when I was there in 2006 and don’t know if much has changed there yet.

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