I’m back home now

Silk Beanie Well I went with the hat. It’s a 1×1 ribbed beanie in Silk Garden (shade 225) and I finished it yesterday. I’m quite pleased with it even though I measured my needles wrong and knit it on 4mm rather than 4.5mm. At least its ribbed and I have a smallish head.

The tonsils are gone now so I need to recuperate. I’m already sick of daytime TV after one day but DH is being lovely and taking fantastic care of me.

Hap Shawl Since I need to rest for 2 weeks I think I’ll try to make a bigger dent in the Hap Shawl. I’m on Row 19 of the border and there are 84 border rows before the edging so I have a way to go.


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One response to “I’m back home now

  1. they look great!

    get well soon!!!!!

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