Getting ready for the weekend

Off to Wales for the weekend tomorrow with the Sussex Canoe Club (for any Canadians out there that’s Canoes as in Kayaks) for a surf trip to the Gower Peninsula. Should be a good trip and I have my wetsuit and body board packed and am hoping it warms up since the sea will be freezing in October. We’re in the minibus as DH is driving it down but at least we managed to get a caravan so don’t have to camp. I’m not sure what all the university sports clubs would do if the graduate members stopped going on trips. The licences changes in the late 1990s so anyone over 27 is probably eligible to drive a minibus with a trailer but those under would need this added to their license.

I’ve just hit the gusset on Widdershins so I’ll take these along and if it’s too cold I’ll try to get some knitting done. I’d better decide on who to chear for in the Rugby as well. I’m leaning towards South Africa, besides their looking like a better team they have a player names John Smith and their uniform looks a bit like a John Smith’s can so that seems like a good reason to cheer for them.


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