Bowing to Peer Presure and finishing items

OK I’m going to bow to peer pressure (thanks Melissa) and a bit of guilt (because I have been shopping and I know there is some yarn in the post when the post strike is resolved) and finish some things.

bag1.jpg lining-1.jpg I had actually finished this bag late last week and had it up at Ally Pally. Its adapted from the Lotorp Bag in Noro Revisited Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton and is in Noro Silk Mountain. Id did this in Kureyon before and it is more effective in it when felted because the stripes are more interesting. The lining is a bit over-engineered but I can’t seem to help myself. I like pockets and they make a bag so much more usable.

 I’ve grafted the toes on Hedera as well tonight. Now all I need to do is find some shoes that they will work with.

hedera-2.jpg hedera-1.jpg



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2 responses to “Bowing to Peer Presure and finishing items

  1. 3 cheers for Jen! Now, be honest, have you cast on for you next pair yet? 😉

  2. whereswoolly

    A few weeks ago, Widdershins in Regia Bamboo. I’ts getting near to the heel and I think these will fit better.
    Well I needed a portable project for the train

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