Ally Pally – Part 2

 Shopping Ok, Part 1 isn’t here yet, but with the camera dying I need to finish the disposable off and take it for developing so that I can have the pictures at Ally Pally rather than just the after shots of what I have bought. So part 2 will came before Part 1.

I really enjoyed it this year although it was a bit confusing that a lot of things had moved around. I haded straight for the workshops in the West Hall only to find that they had moved to the Pavilion Room and that the Knit and Relax area had moved to the Great Hall. Found everything in the end though.

 I’ve been a bit restrained this year and only came home with 4 skeins of yarn (although 1 is a very BIG skein) 

Hemp Big skein of DK Hemp from House of Hemp to make some shopping bags. I chose the Natural and hope to dye it but I’m not sure what colour yet.
Jitterbug 1 skein of Jitterbug from Colinette in Velvet Damson. Probably for socks of some sort. Unfortunately noticed when I got home that there is a big join in the skein so it will mean sewing in. Oh well.
 Somoko   Socktopus 1 Skein of Somoko from Soctopus, again probably socks. It was so beautifully wrapped and had a really cute stitch marker. 
Lace Silk 1 skein of Lace Silk from Get Knitted in Blackberry. I’m not sure what this will be yet but I felt ill when I tried to walk away without it.

I also got a batik stamp for Grandma’s Christmas Present and a kit from Maille Queen to make a silver Parallel Chain.



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3 responses to “Ally Pally – Part 2

  1. Ok, I don’t mean to laugh, but you bought more stuff for socks? Um, so you think you should finish one sock first? (bring it at Christmas if you like and I’ll help) Me thinks someone else has been bit by the sock bug ;D

  2. whereswoolly

    They might not be socks… I think the original ones are stalled because they are a boring colour, I shouldn’t have chosen cream and just haven’t been bothered grafting the toes

  3. great blog!

    thanks for posting…I’d like to know how the hemp turns out for you.

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